Dec 10

Ronald in Austin TX

An good -old friend of mine lives in Richmond Virginia and decided to make the 2,5 hour trip by plan to Austin TX! We spend a full weekend, with site seeing, playing poker, moving our neighbors, kayaking, enjoying a margarita at the lake and driving our fancy cars.

Ronald in the Z4

Ronald in the Z4

The weather was great and we also made a trip to Pedernales falls. That’s about the max, you can fit in a few days.

Downtown Kayaking with Danielle

Downtown Kayaking with Danielle

We also try to look for bats under the congress ave. bridge. We haven’t seen a single one, but the smell of bat poo was really bad :-)


  1. Ton

    good old friends being together so far away from home………….wonderful, who could imagine this ten years ago?!
    What a lovely sunshine still!
    Bye – mama

  2. robbin

    panderal falls, good place to go biking?

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