Dec 02

Holland visit

In October we finally visited our family and friends in the Netherlands. We had a busy schedule trying to visit as many people as possible, in one week, but we were happy to see so many of you.

We visited Vince’s sister Laura with her husband Bjorn and their children “Princess Emily” and “Price Robin” ;-). Emily liked her presents and transformed into “Snowwhite”, Robin stayed cool with his “Cars”…

Happy to see Vincent's niece and nephew again!

Happy to see Vincent's niece and nephew again!

Also, Joël and Ilse showed their baby “Flore”… plus their dog “Willem”.


Ilse, Flore, Danielle and Willem

Many thanks to our moms and dads, opa, oma, Stef, Nicky, Laura, Bjorn, Emily, Robin, Tante Ria, Michel, Arnout, Johan, Christian, Joost, Simone, Yvonne, Nick, Charlotte, Kelly, Bart, Marlieke, Justin, Marieke, Antoine, Anna, Xavier, Sven, Angeliek, Tiese, Joel, Ilse, Hermen, Sandra, and all of you who were able to make time for  us to visit or letting us stay and… THE GREAT TIMES!!!


  1. Laura

    Super. nice pictures !!
    It was very nice to see you 2 again !


  2. Ton

    Lovely pictures!
    Great fun for the children this uncle and aunt from the USA, always bringing nice presents!
    Love – mama

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