Jul 31

New York Strip – DIY

Texas is known for its high quality beef and instead of paying $40 each for a New York Strip @ the local steakhouse, (yes, we now need to save some $$), we decided to prepare them ourselves and with success!. My recipe:

  1. Buy good quality steak (Buy big when on sale, Danielle’s advice)
  2. Prep them with seasoning on both sides and store them in the fridge
  3. Take steaks out of the fridge 1 hour earlier to have them adjust to room temp
  4. Pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees
  5. Put oil and butter 50:50 in frying pan, heat it and fry each side for 3 min.
  6. Put steak on a skillet and in the oven for 4 min (rare), 6 min. (med), 8 min (well done)
  7. Remove the steak from the oven and let the juices settle (1 min)
  8. Serve the steak with a sweet potato, sour cream, corn and cheese.

Note: this works great for steaks approx. one  inch tick.


Buying steak!

Buying steak!


And the result:


NY strip served!

Juicy NY strip served!



  1. robbin

    you’re making me hungry

  2. lisette

    we tasted this when we visited Vince and Danielle last April: delicious for sure!

  3. adriana

    OK, that looks really good. Isn’t it amazing that we have such a good selection of food and can cook it at home?

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