Apr 27

Visit from the Netherlands!

My parents came to Austin to visit us and enjoy the nice TX weather. Initially they planned to make a complete round trip but due to Austin’s central location they actually stopped by Austin much more often. (which we liked as well :) ).  They visited a number of state-parks and museums, hiked the trails in Enchanted Rock, explored caverns, enjoyed eating traditional TX BBQ, went shopping in San Marcos, attended my uncle’s wedding in Houston, and made a day trip to San Antonio. The picture below is taken in LBJ’s Wild flower park. (Note: the Blue Bonnets in the front).

Almering Family in TX

Almering Family in TX

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  1. lisette

    We thank Vincent and Danielle again for their great hospitality in Austin! PROUD can we be at those two young people, finding their way in the United States.
    We enjoyed the visit very much: beautiful surrounding, nice and kind people and Austin also seems a city ‘that never sleeps’. Full of young idealistic men and women. Lots of success dear couple! Mama

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