Jan 03

Christmas in Houston

Danielle and I went to visit my uncle and his fiancee in Houston to celebrate Christmas in a traditional American style. His fiancee is Vietnamese and we were invited to their family home. Lot’s of kids and many presents :-)

Lori unwrapping gifts

Lori unwrapping gifts

Besides the kids, the adults also enjoyed their time choosing and stealing gifts (White Elephant Gift Party). Actually it took us 1.5 hours to unrwarp 16 gifts.

Christmas Dinner on a couch

Christmas Dinner on a couch

Maarten and Lori treated us with a great finger food dinner with wine, dutch cheese, prosciutto and more.

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  1. Lori

    It was great spending Xmas with you and Danielle, your present made it even more special! Mi(Nuestra)casa es su casa!Ons huis is uw huis! :-)

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