Aug 10

My first blog post!

Hello World,

This is my first official blog post on the renewed ALMERING.COM website. It took a while to get everything installed but it seems to be working now. I’m using WordPress as a blog-tool/CMS including a very nice Xeiro Theme. My orginal website was hosted on an older PHP 4.2 an MySQL 3.28 server that did not allow me to install this nice script. After exchanging serveral e-mails with my hosting provider they could transfer me to a new server that included the latest PHP and MySQL versions that allows me to run this new blog tool. Of course I could not resist to modify the theme and in the meantime added some nice elements such as rotating header images, comments notification counter and some minor fixes. I hope you like it!

Danielle and I will regularly post updates on how we experience living in the sunny Austin TX! Feel free to comment and/or suggest improvements!

See y’all,



  1. Vincent

    This is a comment… let’s see if this works.

  2. mama almering

    Hi dear new ‘Americans’!
    What a professional website; it is wonderful to see all the photos and read your experiences in Texas. We surely shall visit both of you next spring in your new town house. We do hope the new home will be as comfortable and nice as both of you expect it to be. First we meet in the NL again. Kisses and see you soon! Mama

  3. Jos A

    Hi, vincentius
    Wat is jouw gsm nr in de vs?
    Je ouders goed aangekomen?
    Pa alvast proficiat
    Krgds, jos en Margreeth
    Tot over ca 11a12 dgn.

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