Aug 27

Christian in Austin

Also Christian decided to stop by in the beautiful Austin area for some BBQ, sunny weather, ice-cold margarita’s and a drive in our BMW’s. We had a great time and the weather was very pleasant, Christian even got the chance to meet some of our dearest friends in the region (aka. Arrington/Hafner/Pace).

A drink at Lake Travis!

A drink at Lake Travis!

We even did a race between our two cars, one time the 330i won and 1 time the Z4…  Hence we still don’t know which one is the quickest.

Driving the Z4

Driving the Z4

More pictures from Christian’s visit to Austin can be found here on his website.

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  1. Ton

    What a lot of dear friends and family visit you in Texas, wonderful and great fun!
    By the way Annie (lets call her e.g. ‘Daisy’) looks a sister of Betsy….lovely!
    Bye – mams

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