Aug 21

Rafting Pics from Canada!

While we were in Canada I noticed several white water rafting opportunities on class III to IV rapids. That sounds like fun to me! We signed up for a full day trip with lunch, hiking and rafting with Interior Whitewater Expeditions. It was a lot of fun and we gone through some crazy rapids. We were also allowed to swim and float around in the still pretty cold water.

Catch the wave!

Catch the wave!

Even though they call it a full day trip you’re only actually approx. 3 hours on the water all other time is spent on transportation, prepping the rafts, lunch etc.

Riding the wave!

Riding the wave!

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  1. Ton

    It looks exciting, a real natural roller coaster!!! Good preparations seem necessary, a lot can happen during this rough’ride’!
    This was quiet another adventure in your personal history over sea.
    Bye – mams

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