Jul 23

High Performance Driving Event

A friend asked me if I was willing to join her on the High Performance Driving Event @ Harris Hill Road. How can you say no to this? A full day to learn how to drive your car fast, learn cornering on an official race track. Hence, I begged Danielle to let her borrow me her Z4 and signed up!.


Mandatory items:

  • Helmet
  • Rollbar
  • Tech Inspection
  • Flag rules
  • Instructors

wow this is serious…

And this is the line up for tomorrow!

HPDE Line Up

HPDE Line Up


  1. Ton

    What an experience! (Almost) full control over your car must be possible now, but be aware of the speed limit tickets….and always take care!
    Bye – mams

  2. Adriana

    I still can’t stop smiling when I see the pics or remember the track. Thanks for signing up with me. H2R did a good job of making it fun and safe.

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