May 09

BMW 335i – Fast and Furious

My 330i was due for service and had to spend a few days @ the dealership in Austin for a scope, oil check, rear brake replacement. Lucky me, BMW of Austin had a black 2009 335i loaner available. Wow… that’s a fast car. It has BMW twin turbo 6 cylinder 300 HP engine which starts pushing you back in your seat @2000 RPM and doesn’t stop till 7000 RPM. The car was also equipped with the new high res split screen i-drive system, which is a huge improvement over utterly complex old version. I read several people has some reliability issues and complained about the fuel pump malfunctioning but this car does bring a smile on your face.

A rental for the weekend


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  1. Ton

    What a service in the US! In The Netherlands you must be happy when they rent you a bike while your car is under repair….
    It suits you this BMW!

    Love – mams

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