Apr 23


If they need more power in the USA, they just fit a larger engine in the same car or in this example transfer the 10 cylinder engine from the dodge viper (8.3L & 510+ HP)  into a standard truck. Doing this you instantly create two records:

  1. The fastest production truck in the world
  2. The truck with the worst MPG rating

I recently saw one at our apartment complex. It’s the black one in the picture (Dodge Ram SRT-10). Apparently the owner like dodges as he parked it next to his Dodge Charger Daytona R/T with 370 HP. Welcome to America…

Dodge RAM SRT-10

Dodge RAM SRT-10 and Dodge Daytona R/T


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  1. Ton

    It can not be BIG enough!!
    Is this typical for Texas or for all Americans?
    They see your beamer as a small car, I presume…keep it that way.
    Bye – mam

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