Feb 06

BMW Z4 – Clear reflectors

The US version of the Z4 is equipped with ugly orange reflectors on the side. Luckily, I’m not the only one who didn’t like them and hence with the help of this merchant I ordered a pair of clear OEM reflectors from Europe. They actually belong to the Z3, but do fit this car as well. Installation wasn’t that easy as the two screws were well hidden in the inner section of the front bumper…

BMW Z4 - Before

… 3 hours later…  this is the result:

BMW Z4 - After

BMW Z4 - After

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  1. Ton

    An American European BMW?! How nice…
    you remind me at my father, enjoying the good looks of a beautiful car. Of course it must be thechnical perfect too, like your own father prefers also….
    Bye – mams

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