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Jul 27

Danielle’s new car

The left one!

A new country, a new job and a new car! (euhh… it is officially a used car ) Here you can see some pictures of Danielle’s new ride. It is a BMW Z4 2006 3.0i with a 6 cylinder 220 HP engine, 6sp Manual, Navi, Xenon, etc. After driving my 330 for a couple of months, there …

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Jul 14

Lamborghini Diablo

When we went car shopping lately I noticed a Lamborghini Diablo VT roadster (yes, that silly roof can be removed on this car) however, the paint was discolored and the interior was very worn out… too bad for a car with a $250k price tag.

Jun 15

Bling, bling, in Miami

BMW 7 Bling Bling version

While driving through south beach (and unfortunately picking up a parking ticket…) we noticed a lot of weird cars and people on the street. The most cars came directly from the set of MTV”s Pimp My Ride. Pearlescent paint, 22″ rims, large boomboxes and spinners, were no exception.

May 27

Trade in a 3 get a 5!

A BMW 528i for 3 days

It sounds like a good deal and it actually is… however the deal lasted only for 3 days and I had return the 5 series after the my 3 series was fixed. Anyway, this is already the third time I had to bring in the BMW for maintenance and/or repairs. The total cost of ownership …

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May 14

Hail and BMW – Not a good combination

Hail Damage

Danielle and I made a trip to the local BMW dealership and were astounded by the amount of damage done to the car lot due to hail. Over 350 cars were damaged both new and pre-owned. if you don’t mind driving around with dimples in your car you get approx. an 10k$ discount… Luckily, they had …

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May 02

New TX truck!

Ultimate Dodge Truck

Trucks are still popular in TX and Dogde recently released a new version the RAM 1500. See for yourself…. It even includes an ATV.

Apr 10

How low can you go?

Low rider!

The US is known for its custom built cars… like this lowwww rider.

Mar 28

Lexus ISF

Lexus  IS F

I found this very nice an aggressively styled Lexus ISF  in Austin. It is a direct competitor of the BMW M3 and has a five liter V8 engine (416 HP) under the hood.

Feb 11

Same car

Same color, same type, same car?

Euh….  which is mine?? Ok I admit, beemers are no longer unique in Austin

Feb 03

Hummer H2

Hummer Stretch

With gas prices around $2 / gallon Americans have little incentive to move back to smaller cars  and this Hummer limo is a great example; although less practical for your everyday commute.

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