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Dec 20

Stats – Part 2: Cars


Cool cars driven in the US: BMW 330i (2006) – My car BMW Z4 3.0i (2006) – Danielle’s car BMW Z4 3.0i (2010) BMW M3 Convert. (2006) BMW 135i (2007) BMW X3 3.0 (2008) BMW 328i (2009) BMW 335d (2009) BMW 335i (2010) BMW 528i (2009) Audi A4 Convertible (2006) Audi A3 S-line (2008) Audi …

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May 09

BMW 335i – Fast and Furious

A rental for the weekend

My 330i was due for service and had to spend a few days @ the dealership in Austin for a scope, oil check, rear brake replacement. Lucky me, BMW of Austin had a black 2009 335i loaner available. Wow… that’s a fast car. It has BMW twin turbo 6 cylinder 300 HP engine which starts …

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May 06

Economy car in LA

Jeep Wrangler in LA

I rented an ECONOMY car for my trip to LA… and they gave me a JEEP Wrangler 4×4 Unlimited. Nice, but definitely not “economy”. The problem was they ran out of economy cars and had to upgrade me to something else. Initially Enterprise offered me a chevy truck but that wasn’t really practical and later …

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Apr 23


Dodge RAM SRT-10 and Dodge Daytona R/T

If they need more power in the USA, they just fit a larger engine in the same car or in this example transfer the 10 cylinder engine from the dodge viper (8.3L & 510+ HP)  into a standard truck. Doing this you instantly create two records: The fastest production truck in the world The truck …

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Mar 16

Dallas Car Show 2010

AM Vantage Roadster V8

Just before Laura and Bjorn arrived, Danielle and I drove up north to Dallas (400 miles round trip) to attend the 2010 Car Show. Of course this isn’t as glamorous as the IFA or Salon International de l’Auto but much more accessible and still a lot of fun. We enjoyed viewing and sitting in new …

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Feb 06

BMW Z4 – Clear reflectors

BMW Z4 - Before

The US version of the Z4 is equipped with ugly orange reflectors on the side. Luckily, I’m not the only one who didn’t like them and hence with the help of this merchant I ordered a pair of clear OEM reflectors from Europe. They actually belong to the Z3, but do fit this car as …

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Jan 10

Tire trouble…

BMW Z4 tire touble...

During a 4 day trip the rear tire of our BMW Z4 3.0i picked up a lose screw and as a result the tire was slowly deflating… oops. Run-flat tires allow you to continue for approx. 100 miles, but the tire could not be repaired nor patched.  Even though the tires weren’t worn out, I decided to replace …

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Dec 21

Camaro SS 2010

Camaro SS 2010

Nice looking cars, cheap, a ton of power… but crappy interior and poor reliability. That’s why you need an American Musle car! Look at this perfect example: more horse power than an BMW M3 (426 vs. 414), cool exterior, big wheels and fast!  You can buy one of these for approx. 24,000$ To be honest… …

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Nov 20

BMW – Loaners

BMW X3 3.0si - 2008

Life isn’t too bad for the averge BMW owner, the car drives great, looks good and has plenty of power. On the other hand, you have to visit the dealer a few times per month year. Luckily they make this less painful by giving you a decent loaner car. Hence, two shots of recent loaners …

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Sep 09

Wind deflector on Z4

Installing the deflector

As you may have noticed on some pictures in the Gallery, I installed a wind deflector on Danielle’s BMW Z4. It is a non OEM part, but costs only half of BMW’s silly mesh screen and works great. As a result, we have reduced the road/wind noice and most importantly (for Danielle ) her hair stays in shape during …

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