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Apr 11

Betsy likes Trees

Betsy in the tree

We’re slowly transforming Betsy in an outdoor cat as she really likes to play outside. Her specialty is chasing birds and climbing trees. We ussually her her wander around for a few hours and then start the search to find her back. So far we’ve been succesful, but a GPS location device would come in …

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Mar 01

Dinner for two

A starter: Spicy Sara Tuna Salmon Roll

Danielle and I decided to buy a few restaurant coupons in order to try out some new restaurants in Austin. Besides live music, Austin has a ton of nice places to eat… Last friday we visited Bistro 88, an upscale restaurant in a residential neighbourhood. The place looks bit cheap on the outside, but that’s …

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Feb 23

Snow in Texas


Today we received a weather warning with possibe snow accumulation… I didn’t believe it as we sat outside in the sun on the patio 2 days ago. But the weather gurus are right!

Sep 29

New Nikes

New Nikes

I joined the local basketball team at work and we like to play twice a week after work for an hour or so… of course I had upgrade my “Vans” to real American (read: china made) basketball shoes. After a trip to a nearby shoe store, where I was expecting to spend at least $50 …

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Sep 21

Texas Size – Margarita

Texas Size Margarita

After all these exciting trips we had to treat ourselves to a real TEXAS margarita. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Texas Size…!

Aug 22

Tour du Texas

Sailing in the bay with Captain Petra

As you may already have noticed in the gallery our friends (Michel, Arnout, Johan and Petra) from The Netherlands came to Austin, TX to vist us :-). They had an enjoyable week in sunny TX while Danielle and I took them on a tour around Austin. We spend two days sailing in the Galveston Bay Area …

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Aug 15

Dry TX, we need more water!

Lake Travis water level

The lakes in TX have been drying up quite a bit. Even though the most rain falls in the summer, it has been exceptional lately… We took the Z4 for a spin and drove with the top down to the Oasis for a ice-cool margarita at the lake. This place had received a quite an …

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Jul 31

New York Strip – DIY

Buying steak!

Texas is known for its high quality beef and instead of paying $40 each for a New York Strip @ the local steakhouse, (yes, we now need to save some $$), we decided to prepare them ourselves and with success!. My recipe: Buy good quality steak (Buy big when on sale, Danielle’s advice) Prep them with …

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Jul 19

Louisiana Crawfish Boil

This is a craw fish…  it doesn’t look like a fish but ok. These little creatures are a delicacy from the state Louisiana. They are cooked in a large pot with water and several ingredients that enrich the boil. You can easily eat a few dozen of these because they contain little meat. Some people …

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Jul 08

Dutch BBQ – Austin

Dutch Theme BBQ

As we used to do every year in Eindhoven, but this time in Austin, we organized a Dutch BBQ! Thanks to Sven, Angeliek, Jeanine and Branko we could even decorate our home with Dutch and Orange flags! We put up a tent in front of our house, borrowed Branko’s BBQ, a couple of tables from Elizabeth, went …

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