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Apr 23

Shiner Beer Bench


The weather has been vey nice recently and it was time to assemble the Shiner Beer Bench from TX. See result below. And yes… It has cup holders. Btw: our cats like it too

Sep 23

My new golf set

New Callway X22 golf set

Golf  equipment is a lot cheaper in the US especially if you do some research online. I decided to buy an Iron 5 to SW set from the Callaway X-22 series. It a solid, high quality set with steel shafts from 2009 (in 2010 they released the X-24’s). This allowed me to pick up the …

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Sep 18

Visit to Lytle – Shooting

Aim for the disk!

Adriana and Matt invite us for a trip to the world famous town of Lytle as CALK OIL is headquartered here. However, we didn’t drove for 110 miles to do business but for some good old TX BBQ, skeet shooting, swimming and more. So, let’s skip the swimming/BBQ pictures and go straight to the shooting …

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Sep 08

Heavy rain in TX

Rainy days in TX

“It never rains in TX…”   I can (again) confirm this is not true. Summers are typically dry with short periods of rain and thunderstorms but in the last few days we’ve seen upto 14′ of rain in a single day! Creeks are flowing and lake water levels are restored, we/nature needed it. The only …

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Aug 27

Christian in Austin

Driving the Z4

Also Christian decided to stop by in the beautiful Austin area for some BBQ, sunny weather, ice-cold margarita’s and a drive in our BMW’s. We had a great time and the weather was very pleasant, Christian even got the chance to meet some of our dearest friends in the region (aka. Arrington/Hafner/Pace). We even did …

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Jul 14

Scorpions in TX


I just found a squashed scorpion on my driveway…. Eeek! I didn’t know they came that close :-).

Jul 06

Hup Holland Hup!!!


Thanks to everyone who sent us all the red, white & blue and/or orange accessories we could cheer for the Dutch team in style ;-)…   And… it worked! We won 3-2 from Uruguay and will be in the final on July 11th against Spain or Germany! Every Holland supporting football fan in Texas is …

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Jun 22

Bikes and more bikes

More bikes in Austin

Americans don’t like bikes….?  I guess you’re wrong. Look at the picture below and count the no. of bikes. This makes you feel like you’re in the Netherlands and probably close to an railway station. (students need to park their bikes somewhere…). BTW: in Holland please replace the blue sky with overcast gray clouds.

May 17

Hide and seek

Hole in the wall

We suddenly noticed a awful smell in our living room and after vacuuming the carpet, cleaning the home, getting rid of the trash it didn’t disappear… and it got even worse… after a few days later we notice a lot of flies in our home. We decided to inform our apartment office and they send …

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Apr 16

Fire hydrant blown

How do I close this...?

At around midnight I noticed a strange sound and though is was a jammed airco unit… but it wasn’t. I went outside and notice that the fire hydrant was blowing water all over the parking lot and against a nearby truck. Bystanders called 911 but a handy neighbor with a wrenched could fix it in …

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