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Jul 15

Eiger in die Schweis


Another great hiking day in Grindelwald (Swiss). We started off in the clouds but within an couple of hours the full mountain ridge became visible! After a 20km hike the Eiger north face turned a bit pink/orange in the evening sun very nice!

May 27

If you like Horses…

Concours Hippique Mierlo

Danielle likes hores and hence we took the BMW Z4 for a spin and went to see the Dutch National Jumping League (Concours Hippique).  In plain english: jumping horses over fences in a big backyard… Anyway, fun to watch and even exciting as it doesn’t always goes according to plan, and secondly a nice location …

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May 27

A day @ the beach in Easter…


Easter was an excellent time to organize a get together with the family. We spend a full afternoon on the beach! I took this picture while Danielle was walking along the shoreline with my niece and nephew and made it look a bit old-fashioned…

May 09

New Pictures!!

Taxi NYC Street view

okok… a bit late, check out the gallery for some cool pictures from the NYC trip: Taxi NYC Street view and the ASML Finance skip trip: We got some fresh snow!!

May 01

Dusseldorf Visit


Danielle and I drove to Dusseldorf and tested our car on the German Autobahn. We took the BMW Z4 and also tried to find some B-roads. Our navigation device did the trick and we’ve seen tons of small villages and some nice nature. (it took us twice as long to get there). This picture below …

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Apr 23

Shiner Beer Bench


The weather has been vey nice recently and it was time to assemble the Shiner Beer Bench from TX. See result below. And yes… It has cup holders. Btw: our cats like it too

Apr 09

Tulips in Holland


Spring is official now! Temps in the 70’s (F) and nice flowers!

Mar 12

New set of pictures!

Snowboarding in Austria

Newly added pictures: 1) Our snowboard trip to OBERTAUEREN in Austria 2) A collection of Austin pictures from our dear friends and family. Have a look!

Dec 20

Stats – Part 2: Cars


Cool cars driven in the US: BMW 330i (2006) – My car BMW Z4 3.0i (2006) – Danielle’s car BMW Z4 3.0i (2010) BMW M3 Convert. (2006) BMW 135i (2007) BMW X3 3.0 (2008) BMW 328i (2009) BMW 335d (2009) BMW 335i (2010) BMW 528i (2009) Audi A4 Convertible (2006) Audi A3 S-line (2008) Audi …

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Sep 30

Trip to Shiner!

The famous Shiner Brewery!

World famous SHINER, the home of the “German” Spoetzel Brewery, the only place in the world brewing the original Shiner bock. Of course all our dutch readers probably have no idea what shiner is (unless you visited us in TX) but it’s one of the more famous micro-breweries in Texas. The tour was free, but …

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