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Aug 17

New pictures!

After downloading over 1200 pictures from my camera I had a hard time selecting the best ones. It took 2 hours to drill it down to the best 100! Check them out here and book your trip to Canada here.

Jul 05

Updating again

Wordpress 3.0 running

Not yet tired of updating…?  update your windows every month,  update your plug-ins weekly, update your iphone apps almost every day, and a blogger also needs to update his blog engine once in a while in order to keep it running. I’ve just updated WordPress to 3.0 and this wasn’t a smooth ride, both automated …

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Apr 11

Upgrade your speaker system


We have a nice 1080p 37″ LCD Philips Ambilight screen, but we were still using the lousy internal TV speakers. Hence, I started looking into a simple sound system that would enhance our cinematic experience. Requirements: Decent sound for mid-size living room 2.1 set, I don’t like running wires Digital Coax (or optical in) Preferably …

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Apr 03

New pictures online!

I recently added some more pictures of my sister and her husband, who visited us back in March and our snowboard trip to snowbird. Check them out here.

Feb 08

New pictures in the gallery!

You may have already noticed it, but yesterday I’ve uploaded pictures from Hermen and Sandra’s Wedding and of course our snowboard trip to Breckenridge. Check them out here.

Jan 09

New Pictures in Gallery!

I just uploaded some neat pics from our trip to New Orleans and Mexico.

Jan 08

Trip to the Netherlands…!

Snow in Holland

Danielle and I will be visiting the Netherlands Mid-January for 6 days. It will be a short visit but we always like to meet our friends and family. Unfortunatelly, I won’t have a much free time during this trip but will send out a email for a dinner or get together in the Eindhoven region. Looking …

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Nov 07

New Pictures online!

I’ve added pictures from the wedding and the visit of Anna & Xavier in the Gallery section. You can view them here!

Sep 30

Netherlands here we come!

Danielle and I will travel to the Netherlands around mid October for 9 days to get our visa’s exchanged. This exchange had to happen as I was no longer allowed to stay on NXP’s payroll and have to become a full time employee of ST-Ericsson. We’re now prepping the paperwork to ensure that the US …

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Sep 25

Upgrade to Iphone 3GS

iPhone 3GS

Thanks to my Mam, Dad and Danielle I received (and saved) enough money to buy an Iphone 3GS 32 GB. Wow…  definitely an upgrade over my old HTC/Qtek S200 and this version includes a GPS unit. This phone is amazing, interface is very smooth and intuitive, installing aps, games, podcasts and music with just one …

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