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Jul 03

The Nimitz Museum

Inside the Nimitz museum

When we visited Hawaii several people recommend us to visit another museum of the pacific war in the US which was recently updated. When inquiring further it became clear that they where referring to the museum in Fredericksburg, a 1.5 hour drive from Austin! We gather a group of friends and headed out to Fredericksburg! …

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Jun 18

First Photo

My first photo of the first photograph (adj. brightness)

Yes… the first official ever taken photograph is for display in Austin TX. You can see it yourself in the Harry Ransom Center on the UT campus. The entrance is free of charge and they have a rotating collection with all kinds of objects. Make sure to also view the Gutenberg bible (1 of 5 …

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May 20

Hang gliding in TX

Ground practice

As birthday present, Danielle signed me up for an introductionary class to learn how to hangglide! I almost bailed out because I couldn’t fully bend my left knee… but that would be a waste as this is a once a year event. I decided to check it out and at least participate in the theoretical …

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May 15

Camping in TX

Scenic fishing in the pond @ Sulphur Spings

Even though I screwed up my knee 5 days earlier, I decided to join the poker gang for an outdoor camping weekend in Sulphur Springs approx. 100 miles north of Austin. It was weekend full of guy’s activities like fishing, playing poker, BBQ-ing and drinking beer. My medicines prevented me from drinking and that why …

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May 12

Eeyore’s Birthday Party

Eeyore's birthday party

Every year Austinites celebrate the Eeyore’s birthday party… (yes, that’s the donkey from the Winey the Pooh series). So… how do you do that? Pick one of Austin’s nature parks for the location, ask some local bands to perform, ask people to dress-up (or dress-off…), tell the cops to raise the tolerance limits for smoking …

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May 08

A visit to Mckinney Falls Park

Lower McKinney Falls

Our TX state pass was about to expire and Danielle and I decided to go for a hike in McKinney Falls State park. It is a nice park close to Austin and offers some scenic views of the nature in TX. This place was inhabited by native Indians more than 500 years ago before it …

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Mar 11

Hamilton Pool in full Swing

Hamilton Pool in Winter

Austin received quite some rain in the first months of 2010. This was a very welcome change to the hot summer of 2009 and really helped to recovery the water level in the lakes and rivers surrounding Austin. Last weekend we decided to take the Z4 for a spin and drive to Hamilton Pool. Normally the waterfall is just dripping …

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Dec 30

Christmas in Mexico

Maya temple of Uxmal

During our “Christmas break” we traveled to Mexico. We started at Mérida,  founded in 1542 and is the largest city of the Mexican state of Yucatán and the second largest city in Mexico. From here we visited the Maya temple of Uxmal. The Maya civilization is  noted for the only known fully developed written language of the pre-Columbian Americas, as …

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Dec 27

Nederland (in) Texas

Driving to Nederland, TX

On our way back from New Orleans to Austin, we passed a small town in Texas called “Nederland”. Nederland was founded in 1897 by Dutch settlers (Nederland is Dutch for The Netherlands). The more prominent families were named Rienstra, Doornbos and Van Oostrom, and their descendants still live in the area today. Tradition says they were …

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Dec 26

New Orleans

Thanksgiving with Maarten, Lori and her familiy

For Thanksgiving we had two days off,  so we could take a long weekend to go sight seeing. This time we chose to visit “New Orleans”. It’s about a six hour drive from Houston and lies on the East coast of Louisiana. The city has a French “look and feel” by the beautiful houses with balconies and …

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