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May 17

Who stole the eggs?


A couple of doves built a nest in our back garden… not a great idea if you see two evil cats walking around. The cats quickly figured out what the birds were doing and scarred the birds away. To show their dominance Betsy raided the nest and removed the eggs…. you still believe cats are …

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Mar 23

Test post


Test post WP iOS

Mar 05

Vier Tage Karnaval im Kolle


Karnaval ist angefangen! Wir sind fur vier Tage zu Koln abgefahren. Das Bild is von der Dom im Zentrum.

Sep 14

New tools: Canon PowerShot S95

The new Canon S95

Canon recently released a new compact camera: the Powershot S95. it’s a great compact size cam with an F/2.0 lens!  This means better pictures, even in low light conditions. Secondly, it has the Hybrid IS option, a 3″ screen, full manual settings, 10 megapixel CMOS sensor and HD 720p recording capabilities…   hence you guessed it. …

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Jul 10

You can always try…

Persuasive cats

Cats can be persuasive and certainly don’t listen to what you want them to do… they rather try to find out how they can have you work for them. And trust me…  we’re experts by now :).

Mar 29

Riding a Longhorn

Danielle on a longhorn

Of course this is not allowed, but if you come across a metal one you can at least try. It’s probably the result of the horse riding blood flowing through her veins…

Dec 15

Strong liquor! – from Dusseldorf

Killepitsch from Dusseldorf

During our trip to the Netherlands and good friend of mine passed me a bottle of a special liquor from Germany, Dusseldorf to be precise. It is named “Killepitsch” AKA kill-the-b*tch when poured over ice and has 42% of alcohol. Similar to a scotch single malt but now in a Kräuterlikör. Good stuff and a …

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Jun 07

ALDI in the USA

ALDI in Florida

ALDI is a famous discount supermarket that originated in Germany and has many stores in Netherlands. And that’s exactly the reason why we were not expecting to find one in Orlando. Of course we couldn’t resist to get in and do some shopping. (Even though several parts in Texas have strong ties to Germany, we haven’t found one …

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May 11

Movieroll – Mazidea

A dutch friend of my is regularly visiting the local movie theater in the Netherlands. He is even an “Pathe Unlimted” cardholder that allows you to see as much movies as you like…. but that’s not all what makes the difference, he likes to write about it as well in a captivating and amusing way. …

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Jan 02

Christmas present!

K2 Zed 2.0

Danielle got a real Mountain bike! Unfortunately, she already knew about her Christmas gift because she tried the bike before we bought it. It is a K2 Zed 2.0. an beginners/intermediate bike with front suspension, disc brakes, 24 gears and a light but tough frame.

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