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Mar 03

Texas re-elected Perry

Texans say “Yes” to conservatism and “No” to Washington. The incumbent republican governor signs on for another  term. Read more here. Of course the victory speech was held at a local BBQ place near Austin.

Dec 13

John McCain – POW?

John Mcain's plane

John McCain is “fond of” the time he spend as a POW in Vietnam; but it is a true story and on the aircarft carrier we found a replica of the airplane is which he was shot down.

Nov 06

A new US president!

Obama @ the White House

Finally, a new era and a new president! This makes us feel much better being in America. It’s the largest democratic win (52% of the votes) since 1976. I have to say that the campaign was well run and he succeeded in getting many US citizens to vote. Although Texas is normally a deep red state, 44% voted in favor of …

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Sep 15

Elections 2008

Elections 2008

Even with over a dozen 24/7 news channels they all cover only a few topics: the upcoming elections, including background checks and scandals, gas/oil prices, stock markets, Iraq (although a lot less nowadays) and crime reports. Luckily we still have the internet. For the latest polls check this link and yes unfortunately Texas is collored in red.

Sep 01

Texas Capitol

The Capitol in Austin TX

Austin is the capital of TX and for this particular reason they decided 75 years ago to build a roman like building named “The Capitol”. It is full of pictures from former TX governors and hosts a small museum.  It is actually still in use but Americans call this already history.