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Sep 08

Heavy rain in TX

Rainy days in TX

“It never rains in TX…”   I can (again) confirm this is not true. Summers are typically dry with short periods of rain and thunderstorms but in the last few days we’ve seen upto 14′ of rain in a single day! Creeks are flowing and lake water levels are restored, we/nature needed it. The only …

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Jul 26

Birthday Party in Austin

Bowling at the High Ball

We recently celebrated our birthdays… yes a bit late, but always a good reason to throw a party! This time we gathered some friends for drink and food before heading to the High Ball a 1960’s decorated classy bowling venue. Many thanks for the great evening, we had a lot of fun! One lane did broke …

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Jul 05

Updating again

Wordpress 3.0 running

Not yet tired of updating…?  update your windows every month,  update your plug-ins weekly, update your iphone apps almost every day, and a blogger also needs to update his blog engine once in a while in order to keep it running. I’ve just updated WordPress to 3.0 and this wasn’t a smooth ride, both automated …

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Mar 03

Texas re-elected Perry

Texans say “Yes” to conservatism and “No” to Washington. The incumbent republican governor signs on for another  term. Read more here. Of course the victory speech was held at a local BBQ place near Austin.

Mar 01

Dinner for two

A starter: Spicy Sara Tuna Salmon Roll

Danielle and I decided to buy a few restaurant coupons in order to try out some new restaurants in Austin. Besides live music, Austin has a ton of nice places to eat… Last friday we visited Bistro 88, an upscale restaurant in a residential neighbourhood. The place looks bit cheap on the outside, but that’s …

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Jun 08


Lobster for Lunch

Danielle went on a business trip to Boston and got a lobster for Lunch, that’s a nice welcome; but you still need to figure out how to eat it.

May 03

Statistics of

Statistics of

Hi Folks, After welcoming the 10,000 visitor, I would like to share some statistics* with you: The blog contains  a total of 109 posts, an average of 0.40 blog posts a day The “Austin” category contains 34 posts, the highest out of the 15 categories 62% of the visitors use IE and 24% use Firefox to view the blog The most viewed and commented …

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Feb 13

Snowboarding in Winter Park


We spend 6 days in Winter Park (Colorado) and it was a great holiday! It was actually our first wintersport trip outside Europe and we both liked it. Nice slopes, large apartments, not too crowded and plenty of snow! Still the traditional apres-ski bar remains hard to find. BTW: even the snowboard parks incl. a …

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Feb 11

Same car

Same color, same type, same car?

Euh….  which is mine?? Ok I admit, beemers are no longer unique in Austin

Nov 09

Shopping big!

Super size my supermarket

Danielle and I ended up in Costco, a mega wharehouse packed with food, tools, TV’s, clothes etc in big quantities for big families. It is like the Dutch Macro times 5x and also requires a membership.

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